We believe every child has the right to:

  • Respectful and meaningful interactions.
  • Be treated as an individual and have their personal needs met.
  • A safe, secure and well maintained learning environment.
  • Experiences that promote and stimulate all areas of their development social / emotional, physical, cognitive, creative and language.
  • A caring environment that does not discriminate against on the basis of gender, age, race, religion, language, ability, culture or national origin.
  • Opportunities that promote connectivity within their local community.

We believe every family has the right to:

  • A service that embraces ethnic, cultural, linguistic diversity and respect the heritage and values of families from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Childcare service that operates in a respectful collaborative way regardless of differing opinions and viewpoints
  • Childcare service that recognizes the special relationship and significant role the family has in influencing a child’s involvement and success in learning.
  • Opportunities that encourage communication with both educators and co-ordination unit staff regarding their child’s ongoing care and development.
  • Be provided with opportunities for input on scheme issues which affect families.

We believe educators, staff and the management committee have the right to:

  • A supportive, fair and ethical working environment which practices and operates within relevant legislation
  • Access to on-going professional training (that is promoted in respect to its importance to personal growth)
  • We believe in continuous quality improvement working in a consultative and collaborative way with all scheme stakeholders and the local community.
  • Foster a relationship built on trust and respect by accepting different points of view and encouraging openness and tolerance to work towards common goals.
  • Accept that we have a responsibility for educating our children about the importance of the Natural Environment and to respect and understand the impact they have on the environment, and to educate them about sustainable practices.

Our commitment to Aboriginal Australians:

  • We recognise the right of Aboriginal Peoples to live according to their own values and culture.
  • We accept our responsibility to develop an awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal history and society in our community and to protect and preserve the environment and significant sacred sites.
  • In doing so we acknowledge that Aboriginal culture continues to strengthen and enrich our community.


"Our family loves Ballina Byron Family Daycare! Kim (our educator) has cared for 3 of our children, each from around 9 months of age! They’ve been provided with a safe, home-like environment R..."

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