Are you eligible for in-home childcare?

To access IHC you must satisfy the Eligibility Criteria:

  • Have no access to existing child care services: or
  • Circumstances mean that an existing child care service cannot meet their needs:

And at least one of the following criteria also applies:

  • The child has, or lives with another child who has, an illness or disability;
  • The child’s guardian (or guardian’s partner) has an illness or disability that affects their ability to care for the child;
  • The child lives in a rural or remote area;
  • The work hours of the child’s guardian (or guardian’s partner) are hours when no other approved child care service is available; or
  • The child’s guardian (or guardian’s partner) is caring for three or more children who have not yet started school.

Click here—— to download Family information booklet; guildelines, registration and application form.


"Becoming a Family Daycare Educator has been a wonderfully enriching experience. Everyday is different and I am able to apply my creativity, enthusiasm and compassion in a way that contributes positive..."

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