14 Oct 2014

Starting school is an important time for children and families. Children who make a positive start to
school are more likely to:

  • feel confortable, relaxed and valued
  • feel excited and motivated to learn
  • have good relationships with others
  • develop a sense of belonging within the school community

The main changes for your child:

Physical environment:
For example, the size of the playground, classroom and school buildings, the location and types of toilets, the number of other children and teachers.

Rules and procedures:
For example, more structured times for attending class, eating and going to the toilet, rules for different places such as the classroom and playground, lining up and putting up a hand to speak.

For example, meeting new children and adults, responding to children of different ages, leaving an early childhood educator, getting to know a range of teachers from different subjects and from different grades.

Learning: For example, more formal learning experiences, structured times and set tasks, increasing
independence. For more information about Starting School go to www.kidsmatter.edu.au


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