14 Oct 2014

The Minister Adrian Piccoli MP, has recently launched a new Transition to School Statement. This voluntary Statement is for services and families to use in communicating information to schools in
order to ease the child’s transition from early childhood to school based education.

The NSW Transition to School Statement is a child focused, practical and user friendly “tool” designed in consultation with professionals from the early childhood and schools sectors. It summarises the child’s strengths, identifies their interests and approaches to learning, and suggests ways these can
be supported.

The Statement is completed by the child’s early childhood educator, in cooperation with the child’s family. All information is provided voluntarily. The Statement is then communicated to the child’s
intended school where it provides the school and teachers with information they can use in planning and preparing for the child’s arrival and transition into the new learning environment.

The NSW Transition to School Statement links to Quality Area 6 of the National Quality Standard, which emphasises collaboration between early childhood services and other organisations and
service providers in order to enhance children’s learning and well-being.

The NSW Transition to School Statement, together with guidance materials for educators and services, families and school teachers, can be found at www.dec.nsw.gov.au

Please note: All BBFDC educators have been provided with copies of the Transition to School Statement forms, if you would like to complete this form please discuss this option with your educator.


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